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Academic Genius from IQ Matrix

Whole Brain Teaching

Get Your Work Done Faster With ZOX ProWhole brain teaching is the revolutionary new brain based teaching concept that is presently making waves in traditional teaching circles, which ignores the accepted left brain versus right brain mode of teaching and concentrates instead on educating the brain as a whole.

Traditional teaching and learning concepts focus on the “left brain right brain conflict” where the left-brain model of rote memory learning rather than viewing – and working with – the whole brain which would utilize the powerful right brain and integrate the two for a more balanced approach.

Recent studies have, however, shown that those brain training programs developed on the assumption that the brain is fully integrated – and not infected with “left brain right brain functions” of duality – are garnering an inordinate amount of success when it comes to improving memory techniques, especially among children who suffer from learning disabilities.

With whole brain learning, there is an assumption that anything assimilated by one hemisphere of the brain is automatically available to the other. Where traditional learning activities rely on rational instruction, whole brain based learning activities rely on the combination of rational and intuitive instruction that has come to be known as active learning.

Achieve What NATO Can't - Unite Both Hemispheres With ZOX Pro
Achieve What NATO Can’t – Unite Both Hemispheres With ZOX Pro

Active learning will, instead of just using repetitive verbal or visual exercises, attempt to improve memory and increase learning capacity by combining factors like music, gesture and drama into innovative lessons that can be described as both memory improving techniques and mental exercises.

Teaching the brain as a whole promotes brain fitness, brain exercise and brain concentration, and it has been observed that younger children with learning disabilities react especially favorably to this fun-based system of improving memory capacity through learning and memory exercises.

Although these types of systems obviously excel in promoting brain fitness for kids, the brain exercises involved can easily be adapted to fit adult learning situations especially the learning of a new language.

After ZOX Pro Training, You Can Now Unleash The Artist Within YouOne application of the whole brain fitness program that has been developed specifically for adults is the brain exercise software that promises both memory improvement and an increase in brain capacity through the improvement of concentration and focus.

A typical mind exercise that would form part of a program of this nature would involve the memorization of a 15 item list or the recognition of speech patterns against background noise, which leads to the type of increased focus that would let the brain improve.

Brain Gym is, however, an application of the whole brain theory that is most definitely aimed at children, and the Brain Gym exercises have been specifically designed to emphasize playing while learning, particularly through the use of self-expressive movement.

Up to now, Brain Gym research has concentrated on the promotion of self-awareness through action and gesture as well as learning through creativity and an appreciation of artistic endeavors, which makes Brain Gym for kids an incredibly fun learning and teaching experience for both students and teachers alike.

Mystery Solved - Right Brain / Left Brain Finally United With ZOX Pro TrainingWhole brain teaching is just getting started, and if the growing popularity of the Brain Gym activities is anything to go by, it’s going to be around for a long time to come.

Right brain left brain teaching debates will continue, but if you want to cut to the chase, you have to ask yourself is the left brain teaching method enough for every learning style? We say no to that question.

In our home, Rae is right-handed and extremely right-brain dominant, whereas Mark is left-handed and left-brain dominant. We must solve loads of problems each day and often we have to take different pathways to get there, but we always come to the same meeting point (yep, we never argue and we’re very compatible despite our different educational back grounds).

Mark had a relatively positive educational experience whereas Rae’s was filled with conflicts, wracked with endless problems, and ultimately a vast amount of time was wasted which could have been used for more learning opportunities.

This is often the case with right brain children in a left brain world – it becomes a matter of survival. Sadly many of our children are not making it and it does not have to be that way.

What we’re proposing is that you look at your own past and that of your children’s and see if anything could have been done different in terms of teaching, learning, and overall educational opportunities. Without much thought, you probably could see how varying the learning experiences with yourself or your kids could have made a significant positive impact.

Throughout this site and our other educational sites, we’re trying to get the message over, that the one-size-fits-all approach often doesn’t work and can have serious consequences later on.

In this article we’ve touched on two additional approaches to brain friendly learning, ways to boost both your long and short term memory, brain improvement, more efficient learning strategies, and learning techniques by actively incorporating whole brain research methods into to the education of yourself and your kids.

If you have very active kids (over-the-top, super hyped up) then perhaps you have kinesthetic learners on board. These individuals love to do stuff and they learn best if their bodies are in motion. If you think this might be the case, then the brain gym exercise books will really help in that case. Listed are the brain gym books that are still available.

If on the other hand, you think you might have an individual that seems more natural at right brain learning then please see how a whole brain approach can bring out their inner genius on our Brain Training site.

Brain Gym: Simple Activities for Whole Brain Learning (Orange) Brain Gym: Simple Activities for Whole Brain Learning (Orange)

Brain Gym is made up of simple and enjoyable movements and activities. These activities make all types of learning easier but are especially effective with academic skills…

Brain Gym Teachers Edition: Revised 2010 Brain Gym Teachers Edition: Revised 2010

Brain Gym®: Teacher’s Edition details the 26 Brain Gym activities used around the world by people of all ages and abilities to make learning easier. The book shows how learners can master the physical skills required for development of academic abilities. The 26 activities, each taking just a minute or so to do, help learners to develop skills of stability, locomotion, and sensory-motor coordination, as well as providing effective tools for self-calming and self-management…

Hands On: How To Use Brain Gym In The Classroom Hands On: How To Use Brain Gym In The Classroom

A practical photo manual for educators, parents, and learners…

I Am The Child: Using Brain Gym With Children Who Have Special Needs I Am The Child: Using Brain Gym With Children Who Have Special Needs

This is a very inspiring and moving account of Freeman’s 2-year response to an ad “Special Day Class Teacher With Severely Handicapped Students” that transformed her own life and that of so many others. The title “I AM the Child” is very significant. It reflects how Freeman entered into the life and soul of each unique child’s multiple challenges and needs. She literally imitated each severely handicapped child to get the inner sense, feelings and needs of these 11 exceptional children…

Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All in Your Head Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All in Your Head

Neurophysiologist and educator Dr. Carla Hannaford brings the latest insights from scientific research to questions that affect learners of all ages. Examining the body’s role in learning, from infancy through adulthood she presents the mounting scientific evidence that movement is crucial to learning. Dr. Hannaford offers clear alternatives and remedies that people can put into practice right away to make a real difference in their ability to learn. She advocates more enlightened educational practices for homes and schools including: a more holistic view of each learner; less emphasis on rote learning; more experiential, active instruction; less labeling of learning disabilities; more physical movement; more personal expression through arts, sports and music; less prescribing of Ritalin and other drugs whose long term effects are not even known…

Brain Gym And Me - Reclaiming The Pleasure Of Learning Brain Gym And Me – Reclaiming The Pleasure Of Learning

An inspiring addition to the Brain Gym® series. Learn how Paul Dennison overcame his own learning challenges to become an internationally known educator.

Paul Dennison describes the moment in fourth grade where a teacher grabs his shoulders and yelled, “Why can’t you learn?” “From my hurt emerged my work, my message, and my mission: to bring to the world community a new way to educate our children so that they can learn without failure.” Mr. Dennison became skilled in teaching reading, and opened a chain of eight reading centers. “What I came to realize is that, for educators, effective teaching isn’t about presenting the information and letting the student passively take it in, but about connecting the information to the movement of the body in an active way”…

Brain Gym For Business: Instant Brain Boosters For On-The-Job Success Brain Gym For Business: Instant Brain Boosters For On-The-Job Success

Brain Gym for Business includes a series of exercises meant to reduce work related stress and increase productivity, creativity, and production. Unlike most exercises created for stress relief purposes, the workouts included in this book are not aerobic and don’t require stretching.

The programs in this book work on the basic concepts of behavioral kinesiology. Behavioral Kinesiology looks at the connection of energy flow (chi) through the body and health (both physical and mental). Simply put, when energy is blocked within the body system, an individual experiences fatigue, pain, poor concentration, and lack of creativity…

Brain Gym. Aprendizaje De Todo El Cerebro. (Spanish Edition) Brain Gym. Aprendizaje De Todo El Cerebro. (Spanish Edition)

Product Description
Un nuevo sistema de aprendizaje para padres y educadores mediante la aplicacion de los metodos kinesiologicos, implicando al conjunto del cerebro mediante la modificacion y correccion de los movimientos utilizando ejercicios de Brain Gym. Ejercicios originales de gimnasia cerebral.

About the Author
Paul Dennison es el creador de la kinesiologia educativa y del Brain Gym, y pionero en la investigacion sobre el ocmportamiento del cerebro….

  NOTE: the widely popular Brain Gym book has also been translated into French, Italian, and German.

The ZOX Pro Training Program we recommend that you take a close look at will give you the tools to get yourself mentally organized, to learn at incredible speeds, become highly efficient, and so much more.

You can also find out more about accelerated learning techniques; what is an eidetic memory; the many benefits of having sound speed reading techniques at your disposal; and how developing intuition will give you that hidden edge.

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