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Academic Genius from IQ Matrix

Speed Reading Techniques

Speed Your Read With ZOX ProLearning how to increase reading speed through using one or more speed reading techniques is thought to be a worthwhile goal, but studies have shown that the ability to read faster may compromise basic text comprehension.

Both speedreading and its quicker cousin, photo reading (where people allegedly increase reading speed to 25,000 words per minute) are thought to be of great benefit – especially to students – as these speed reading programs are believed to lead to speed learning.

Which speed reading course is the best speed reading course on the market has, however, not yet been established, and neither are some experts convinced that rapid reading is a good thing as reading fast or “skimming” a text has been shown to lead to reduced comprehension.

Test Your New Speed Reading Skills With This Fun Magic Squares BookThe first proponent of speed reading for kids was teacher Evelyn Wood, and, after she experienced success with her innovative reading technique, the Evelyn Wood speed reading course was developed into her Reading Dynamics speed reading training program.

This program was taught to college kids in the 1950s, and the Evelyn Woods speed reading technique would eventually become popular with such influential people as John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.

In a nutshell, Ms Wood’s speed reading program encouraged the reader to read while underlining the text with a finger or a pointer as the eye seemed to follow such an instrument no matter how fast it was going.

Ways on how to improve reading speed have changed a great deal since the Evelyn Woods speed reading course was popular sixty years ago, and today’s students learn how to speed read through using such diverse methods as speed reading software packages and commercial mega speed reading programs like Scheele’s PhotoReading and Howard Berg speed reading (Maximum Power Reading).

While some of the best speed reading software packages aim at getting people to learn speed reading through eliminating speed reading subvocalization – internal or “silent” speech involving the manipulation of the mouth and/or throat – the aforementioned speed reading tutorial programs emphasize increasing and improving the brain’s processing capabilities to facilitate reading faster.

Speed read software is, however, becoming increasingly popular, and it is thus recommended that anyone looking for info on how to learn speed reading on their computer evaluate all available speed reading software reviews before deciding which package to buy.

The need to speed your read seems to have been taken to a whole new level with the increase in the number of online texts, and online speed reading is understood to be similar to “skimming”, which involves reading portions of a text extremely quickly while disregarding other, less essential, portions.

Whether this method serves to both improve reading speed and improve reading comprehension is, however, another matter, and it is, in fact, quite dangerous to rely on spead reading – and how many readers picked up that was “spead” and not “speed”? – when having to read, and remember, extremely technical online texts.

Generally, a speed reading test will show that the faster a person reads, the less he will understand, and, as such, to learn to speed read is perhaps not the best way to try to study more effectively.

Reading quicker would not be a bad thing – as long as comprehension does not suffer – and anyone can find out how fast they read by taking a simple reading speed test. If, after the test, they still want to improve their reading speed, there are many tips for speed reading available online.

There are many speed reading techniques and speed reading tips available today, and the trick is to separate those that work from those that don’t.

Editor’s Notes:

Our super-star staff writer Maria has done a fine job on this article. We congratulate her on great researching and writing skills. Maria, keep up the good work!

Develop A Photographic Memory With ZOX Pro We know that many people are on Google with this as their search term: “improve reading skills” and it is a good bet that they want to be much more effective in their endeavors so naturally, if they can increase reading speeds, they will accomplish more in the same amount of time. Yes, while this is a great goal, problem is using ordinary techniques may not meet your objectives. Not to worry, we found a break-through method that not only will increase your reading skills, but it will greatly enhance your mental prowess beyond your wildest dreams.

Did you ever try to learn a foreign language as an adult, and find it difficult? I am pretty good with languages, so I thought it would be fun to try Mandarin Chinese.

It was actually quite easy – at first. They gave us a crutch, called Romanization. This means the actually Chinese character is translated phonetically into English letters. So, what could be so hard to learn – a little extra vocab? I sailed through that without much effort.

Fast forward towards the end of the first term (about 15 weeks into an 18-week class), they started to slip in actual Chinese characters to replace the Romanized words. Initially, they used characters with only a few strokes – real basic concepts that you’d teach children. OK, that wasn’t too bad. Little-by-little, the characters became more complex, then it was no longer some fun new words each day, but a real struggle to keep up.

The teacher made us read out loud in front of the class each day. Personally I hate embarrassment, so just to be on the safe side in my book I put the Romanization back.

Finally, Accelerated Language Learning With ZOX Pro - Shave Off Years Of StudyThe moral of the story is, if you want to learn to read and write in a language that has a radically different alphabet than yours, you will need a substantial game plan in order to be successful.

Suppose you could look at a page, memorize it, comprehend the contents, retain this knowledge for life, and do this consistently at mind-blowing speeds?

Would this help you out at work, at school, at home, with new hobbies, or unexpected last-minute projects etc?

We found a terrific program that will help you to literally bring out your inner genius. This program will give you the confidence you need to be able to achieve almost anything you try.

Here are a few of the highlights of a real life-changing program:

  • Learn at the speed of light using a natural learning process called Mental Photography that allows you to take in information at over 100 times faster than the average reading speed – to be exact, that is 25,000+ WPM and faster!
  • Become better organized and much more productive.
  • Train your brain so your memory is razor sharp – 100% retain information for the rest of your life and automatically remember things that were once forgotten.
  • Achieve maximum concentration and never get distracted.
  • Massively enhance your peripheral vision and eyesight.
  • Re-program your brain to allow you to set your built-in ‘Auto-Pilot’ on course to achieving ANYTHING YOU DESIRE.
  • Relax and reduce stress at will.
  • Reduce the amount of sleep you need and wake up feeling great every day of the week with more energy and enthusiasm than ever before.

You will finally be able to back your life. You will have control over your time (this may take some getting used to if you have been a slave for years).

Dyslexia Is No Longer An Obstacle Once You'Ve Finished The ZOX Pro TrainingThis incredible program works for anyone from age 7 and up. If you know of someone with learning difficulties, reading problems, and have special needs, this program can be equally effective for them as well.

We hope you found this article on speed reading enlightening. We put this together to let you know that you can go far beyond increasing your reading speeds, you now have a viable plan to get you that highly sought-after eidetic memory (photographic memory).

Unlock Your Hidden Brain Power Now: Find out more details or Order on our secure page.

You can also find out more about accelerated learning techniques; what is an eidetic memory; the many benefits of whole brain teaching; and how developing intuition will give you another powerful weapon in your arsenal.

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