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Academic Genius from IQ Matrix

Psychic Intuition

Boost Your Intuition With ZOX ProIs that what this is all about? It could be, or perhaps it could be a whole lot more than just something that folks with crystal balls are touting.

Think back – at some point in your life, you experienced something that you could not exactly put your finger on.

You may have gotten a feeling that tried to warn you in some way.

You may have had a dream that gave you some clues that you were about to enter into to an arrangement that would not have your best interest at heart.

In my own case, frequently I have I guess what you would call premonitions. I am highly visual and I see images in my head regularly. I saw my husband Mark (in my head) long before I actually met him in person. Actually I had his image in my head for years.

It was hard to see him completely, as it takes an incredible amount of energy to render images in this manner as I see full-spectrum images, color, shapes, layers, textures, etc. When I see something that I haven’t actually seen with my eyes, my mind has to really go into overdrive to draw these images. But let’s just say that I had enough light as it were to see that he has blue eyes. So, that’s good enough for me.

Increase Both Intellect And Your Intuition With ZOX ProI’ve seen my dream kitchen in my head thousands of times. It used to be rather dark and some details were hard to make out.

Not so much these days, it has much more light, the details are so vivid down to the two massive side-by-side kitchen islands that are fully equipped (heating draws, dish washer, compactor, mini-fridges, sink just to name a few) and have jaw-dropping exquisite marble counter tops, the Sub Zero refrigeration units, the glass in the cabinets, the cozy corner banquette where we watch shows on the large-screen LCD whilst we eat a healthy chef-prepared meal…It is all there in mouth-watering detail.

Give Yourself An Edge And Be More Perceptive With ZOX ProSo, is this just some case of a woman’s intuition?

Perhaps, but I doubt that this only happens to me. People find their intuition gifts in many formats: for some it comes by way of developing musical intuitions or others it may show up as some sort of divine intuition, i.e. they get a helping hand when they need it the most, for you it may manifest itself in yet some other manner.

The key is embrace it if you want to find ways to awaken intuition that may be buried then you must find various methods in developing intuition skills which are not as hard as you might think.

Is There A Math Genius Hidden In Your Autistic Child?  Find Out With ZOX ProWell, if that doesn’t get you going, then here is a story of a young man, named Daniel Tammet, who was diagnosed as being autistic, but you would never imagine it with all of the things that he is able to do with almost no effort.

He’s learned several languages; he can do four or five digit computations in his head like water, he can memorize loads of things with little effort, and he is very social. He set a record by reciting 22,514 digits of Pi which is one of his all-time favorite numbers.

The film company chronicled his journey from the UK to the US to be tested at the brain studies institute in San Diego, CA, and on his way he made a few stops.

He had some fun with some chess hustlers in NY. Even though he does not play chess he was able to give them a challenge nonetheless.

He met the original Rain Man in Utah where they had a facts & figures show down and learned a thing or two about photo reading and how Kim Peek remembers every single thing he reads; he reads the left page of a book with his left eye and the right page with his right eye – come on, why waste all of that time reading a single page with both eyes – duh , Daniel may have met his match on this one as Kim Peek would be a grand master and Daniel might be a grand master in training.

Make The Most Of Your Synaesthesia With ZOX ProDaniel went to Las Vegas to see if he could use his incredible math skills and bet the house at Black Jack. To his shock, he almost went bust by counting cards; he did, however, find a way to win all of his money back and you will be very surprised at the technique this extraordinary mathematician ended up using.

He went to the brain studies department and blew the researchers away. They admit that he is the real deal but they have no real explanations for what he can do.

Then finally Daniel took up a challenge to see if he could learn a new language in just seven (7) days. He went to Iceland to learn what is supposed to be one of the most difficult languages that exists – even the native peoples have a lot of problems getting this language right after years of using it.

Well, let’s see what happen when Daniel accepted this challenge. Do you think he was able to learn a new language that is radically different from his native English language or was this the one thing he would not be able to do? After all, he only had to learn a new extremely difficult language in 7 days, and be able to speak in front of millions of people on TV. How hard could that be? Find out what happens, watch the videos below:


Develop A Photographic Memory With ZOX ProDo you feel inspired?

With the right training you can do almost anything you put your mind to.

You can have a look around the site for more ideas, but if you are ready to get started, then find out how you can achieve great things in as little as 10 minutes a day.

Break free from slavery; regain your time and your life back now.

The highly-affordable ZOX Pro Training Course will help you achieve this and much more.

Other areas to check out:

  • Accelerated Learning Techniques will finally be within your grasp
  • Developing Intuition will happen without you even trying
  • Eidetic Memory (i.e. a photographic memory) will be second nature
  • Speed Reading Techniques are just the tip of the iceberg – you will easily learn Photo Reading where you can Memory Photograph at incredible speeds (typically starting at 25,000 wpm and more, some go much higher with 90% or better comprehension and life-time material retention)
  • Whole Brain Teaching is employed to utilize much more of your brain capacity. You’ve probably heard that most people only use 10% of their brain (with a lot of people this could be much lower) – why have a large structure with so much capability and vastly under-use it? No more – get your brain growing again!

OK, folks we’re not suggesting that by taking this training you will become a so-called idiot savant, it is not too likely that that will happen. Supposedly there are about 50 of them and they’re all males. Hmm, shut out on that front as well…

However, what is likely to happen is that your brain will develop new pathways. People that are autistic typically have had some early-childhood trauma – physical or otherwise. Their brains had to adapt and look for alternative developmental pathways to perhaps compensate for something that was lacking.

It may not be clear anytime soon why these gifted individuals are able to excel in certain areas and not in others. In Daniel’s case, he is fabulous with number crunching, but he can’t deal with algebra – the letters and numbers do not have enough of a concrete relationship – this is too abstract.

Break Through Your Autism And Find Your Inner Genius With ZOX ProWe see this similarity in another somewhat famous autistic scientist in Temple Grandin. She sees extreme detail in mechanical objects, she has a photographic memory, she builds solutions to complex problems because she can see herself “walk through” the solution, but she doesn’t like algebra – same issues, it is not absolute and has too many variables (which is kind of the point of that of that subject matter).

This is another very powerful inspirational story of how she uses her gifts to help solve some tough problems with humane treatment of cattle. Being an autistic female, she had more than her fair share of problems growing up in a left-brained fascist society where if you did not fit the mold you were ridiculed and tormented because you could not “learn” like everyone else.

Thankfully she persevered and overcame to become one of the world’s leading experts in the humane cost-effective cattle housing and containment.

Folks here are some other things to think about: the visual cortex of the human brain is very large and complex compared to other areas of the brain, as opposed to the olfactory sense organs in dogs which are 10 times the size of ours, so stop trying to hide snacks from them – they will always find them.

Develop A Photographic Memory With ZOX ProNature provides for many types of situations, in the days before people had formal languages, they used telepathy as a big part of their daily communications.

Once language began to develop these skills went dormant. That does not mean that they are lost, it just means some effort is necessary to help bring them back to the surface.

Kids (especially 5 and under) are able to do many incredible things because they have their freedom. They have not been beat down yet by left-brain totalitarians. You can easily help your baby to read for example at the age of 6 months!

If you do have a young child, there are many more opportunities for help him bring out his inner genius. Take a look at our sister site for more info, Baby Math.

Meanwhile if your child is 7 years or older, then the ZOX Pro Training will have him or her doing some really amazing things; why not take the training together! This will bring you two much closer and strengthen your bonds even further.

Hope this helps,

Develop A Photographic Memory With ZOX Pro

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