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Academic Genius from IQ Matrix

Archive for May, 2010

Speed Reading Techniques

Learning how to increase reading speed through using one or more speed reading techniques is thought to be a worthwhile goal, but studies have shown that the ability to read faster may compromise basic text comprehension. Both speedreading and its quicker cousin, photo reading (where people allegedly increase reading speed to 25,000 words per minute) [...]


Accelerated Learning Techniques

One of the most important ideas underlying the various accelerated learning techniques on the market today is that a person learns better – and faster – when using only those particular learning methods that work best for him. Accelerated learning can be defined as learning something faster than the norm, and the ability to learn [...]


Whole Brain Teaching

Whole brain teaching is the revolutionary new brain based teaching concept that is presently making waves in traditional teaching circles, which ignores the accepted left brain versus right brain mode of teaching and concentrates instead on educating the brain as a whole. Traditional teaching and learning concepts focus on the “left brain right brain conflict” [...]