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Eidetic Memory

Develop A Photographic Memory With ZOX ProA major debate has been raging over the last several decades concerning whether eidetic memory – also known as photographic memory – actually exists.

At the moment, the general consensus seems to be that photographic memories may well be myths, and, although there are be several techniques that claim to make developing a photographic memory possible, it could be that all these techniques are capable of is improving basic memory function.

Just what is photographic memory and whether such a thing actually exists are questions that have been asked for quite a while because understanding what total – or perfect – recall is would make it easier for people to develop a photographic memory.

Tests designed to prove the existence of the memory photographic have, unfortunately, not proved successful so far. These tests, which can loosely be defined as photographic memory exercises, make use of eidetic imagery, and, here, people are presented with highly detailed images and are asked to study them for at least 40 seconds. The more accurately a person is able to describe the image after it is removed from his sight, the more that person is thought to have perfect recall.

How to develop a photographic memory – if indeed such a thing exists – is another area of great debate, and, while memory can be improved through the use of techniques like mnemonics, no final answer has yet been found to the burning question of how to get a photographic memory.

Getting enough rest and undergoing regular exercise and regular mental stimulation are all things that facilitate developing a good memory, but whether they are also useful with developing photographic memory is another thing entirely.

Vitamins, Foods To Improve MemoryPure photographic memory in children has been found to be far more developed than such memory in adults, and children are capable of retaining a much more accurate eidetic definition of an image than adults are.

Studying a child undergoing photographic memory training and testing would, however, not be a good way to determine how to get photographic memory capabilities as a child’s brain has been shown to make a shift from right-brain intuitive thinking to left-brain rational thinking at about age 4. A young child’s brain is therefore wired differently than an adult’s brain, and it would appear that a child’s photographic memory techniques disappear along with their intuitive-based thinking capabilities.

Although some people have been blessed with better and more competent memories than others, there seems to be no hard and fast way to get a photographic memory. How to have photographic memory capabilities will, no doubt, continue to perplex scientists for years to come and will result in the development of more and more tests.

Those rumored to have an eidetic memory hold an almost mystical place in our society – Mozart, engineer Nikola Tesla and Kim Peek, the real “Rain Man”, being but three – and how to have a photographic memory is therefore something that will haunt us for a long time to come.

Do you have any of these problems?

  • Frequently stressed out.
  • Ineffective at work – can’t keep up.
  • Need to memorize lots of material but can’t.
  • Must read many ultra-boring techy manuals.
  • Would like to find ways to save time.
  • Must figure out how to organize your thoughts.
  • If you had spare time (what’s that?), what type of leisure reading would you do?
  • You need to take some classes but wonder if you will have time to memorize all of the material they give out.
  • Is there any way to increase grades?
  • You need to travel and must pick up a foreign language, is there any way to do this quickly?
  • Your child has reading problems (Dyslexia), is there anything that can help him to do better in school?
  • What about people with ADD or ADHD, what can help them learn and read better?

All of the above issues (and more) are finally addressed in one simple training course. Look, you have so many more things to do each day without having more hours in the day to get all of that stuff done. How do you do it without getting burned out and stressed?

It is easy, if can you spare 10 minutes a day, would you like to experience a powerful new way of learning that will do the following:

  • Have you reading at speeds of 25,000+ words per minute! BTW, the average reading speed is about 250 wpm.
  • Increase your peripheral vision and awareness.
  • Dramatically improve your concentration and focus.
  • Boost your self esteem and self confidence.
  • Reduce stress and become much more relaxed.
  • Become much more organized and effective.
  • Save a ton of time which can give you the freedom to do more with your family and friends.
  • Unlock your built-in photographic memory.
  • “Photo read” books at over 25,000+ words per minute (over 100 times the average reading speed).
  • Store every single word in your long-term memory for LIFE, so you simply cannot forget it.

Children, teens, adults, grade school-college students, office professionals, musicians, athletes, medical professionals, court officers, technical writers, business managers, IT professionals, sales/marketing, people with learning disabilities, it just doesn’t matter – everyone can now unlock their inner genius.

10 minutes a day will give you that coveted eidetic memory or photographic memory where you will photograph or mind-consume entire books in minutes. That’s right, be able to read entire books cover-to-cover, 90%+ comprehension, and NEVER forget a word you read for the rest of your life.

Eidetic will be your new best friend, whereas the so-called Derren Brown photographic memory lore is by-and-large an elaborate show just for entertainment purposes. You, on the other hand, can get photographic memory abilities with very little effort and will be able to really achieve great things.

Would these skills help you get ahead? This is a competitive world with a bad economy. You have to set yourself apart from the rest. Here’s a fast easy way to do that and more. ZOX Pro will be your path to Freedom. Get started now!

Develop A Photographic Memory With ZOX Pro

Find out how this training can also help with accelerated learning techniques, developing speed reading techniques, whole brain teaching, and developing intuition.

2 Responses to “Eidetic Memory”

  1. Scarlett says:

    I believe I have true eidetic memory, I have spent a while studying the topic, and every description was literally describing myself. My memories stay with me for a very long time, I haven’t forgotten many since I was 4. Is there any way to erase the bad memories? To make them vanish. They haunt me. In my sleep i am constantly having nightmares, i cannot wake up from them because i think they are real, some of them are past events. Events that i wish i could forget, ones that i want gone. My head seems full, too full. I seem to “misplace” memories inside my head, other memories slightly similiar to the one “misplaced” make me “find” it again. I wish i could simply remove a ton of memories. Please help.

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